Electric Branding Iron Complete Ø35mm

Electric Branding Iron Complete Ø35mm

Ø 35 mm
Buy your new Electric Branding Iron here with interchangeable rounde brass plate size Ø35mm for stamping on your work/creations or on different surfaces.

- Heat the stamp for about 10 to 15 minutes , but be careful: make sure that the hotplate is neither too hot (it could melt the material on which the stamp rests) nor too cold (the stamping would not be optimal)
- Do not place the plate abruptly on the surface but accompany it smoothly
- Once it is in contact with the surface, wait 2-3 seconds, this is the correct length of time to obtain a defined and sharp impression
- Stamp on clean surfaces, without stains and unevenness
- Make sure that the logo that will later be printed on the stamp plate is a clear image without too many colour gradients, because the impression would not be so clear once the stamp is applied. We therefore recommend creating a solid logo or one with clearly defined contours.
- Use suitable lettering csuch as capital letters and lowercase letters, pay attention to italic fonts (if the logo has text)
- If you need a greater quality and consistency result, we recommend you purchase a power regulator

The product is not certified for food use. POWER is 200 Watts and it works at a temperature of 400-450°C.
Select the uploadfunction to upload the file ready for the realisation; we recommend the upload of a VECTOR FILE.
It is usually shipped in 2/3 working days.

The heating element is considered a consumable part and as such is not covered by warranty. It is available as a spare part on our website.

Our customer service is at your disposal for any need, doubt or question.

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Electric Branding Iron Complete Ø35mm

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