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Discover our Self-inking Stamps, on MisterTimbri you will find self-inking stamps of the best brands.

On MisterTimbri you can find the quality of Colop Self-inking Stamps and Trodat Self-inking Stamps.

With MisterTimbri you can quickly design your own personalised self-inking stamp using our stamp design maker, the cost of all personalised self-inking stamps can be found in our catalogue.

You can add logos and text, and our range of customised self-inking stamps is suitable for any industry or use, from legal self-inking stamps to ex libris stamps. Choose the size, font and colour: your personalised stamp will be on your desk in a few days directly at home or at your office.

Among the best-selling self-inking stamps are the Standard Self-Inking Stamps and Pocket Self-Inking Stamps.