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  1. Complete kit Black

    Pack of 25 BLACK stick and the GUN
  2. Complete kit White

    Pack of 25 WHITE stick and the GUN
  3. Complete kit Gold

    Pack of 25 GOLD stick and the GUN
  4. Complete kit Silver

    Pack of 25 SILVER stick and the GUN
  5. Complete kit Lime Green

    Pack of 25 LIME GREEN stick and the GUN
    Preview of Complete kit Lime Green
  6. Complete kit Sunflower

    Pack of 25 SUNFLOWER stick and the GUN
    Preview of Complete kit Sunflower
  7. Complete kit Red

    Pack of 25 RED stick and the GUN
  8. Complete kit Orange

    Pack of 25 ORANGE stick and the GUN
  9. Complete kit Pomace

    Pack of 25 POMACE stick and the GUN
    Preview of Complete kit Pomace
  10. Complete kit Night Blue

    Pack of 25 NIGHT BLUE stick and the GUN

15 items

With the MisterTimbri Complete Kit dyou are sure to have everything you need to make beautiful seals with sealing wax.
Inside, you will find everything you need to use your favorite sealing wax to seal quickly, with precision and without dirtying!
The Complete Kit includes:
  • 25 stecche di ceralacca per pistola
  • 1 gun for sealing wax

The Complete Kit allows you to make from 110 to 140 wax seals (using a 20 mm diameter seal).
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